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Effective Education

Every child and youth needs and deserves the intellectual development, motivation, and personal, social-emotional, and cultural skills needed for successful work and lifelong learning in a diverse nation, as a result of having quality learning environments, challenging expectations, and consistent formal and informal guidance and mentoring.


Effective Education Builds Marketable Skills 

An effective education that builds marketable skills enables young people to prepare for employment in the 21st century. Young people must master basic academic and analytical skills, learn workplace etiquette, and know how to use technology, such as computers and the Internet. Americas Promise partners help youth develop these essential career skills.


Find out below how you can help Americas Promise fulfill Promise Four: Effective Education. Employers increasingly need workers who can think, learn new skills rapidly, work in teams, and solve problems creatively. Yet too few youth, whether college bound or not, have these qualities. In many cases, even basic work skills are lacking. Making a successful transition from school to work is a critical milestone in the youth development journey. Yet significant shifts in both the workplace and the skills workers need today make it increasingly more difficult for young people to make this transition successfully. There are many important qualities, skills and competencies that young people need to be successful and productive workers. Among these are: 

  • A foundation in basic skills, such as reading, writing, mathematics, science, technology and communication.
  • Thinking skills, such as creativity, decision-making, problem-solving and reasoning.
  • Personal attitudes and qualities, such as integrity, responsibility and self-motivation.

Particular supports are needed to enhance skills and readiness for work. These include school reform efforts (to ensure that students are engaged in relevant, challenging and interesting learning), and education about economics and business, internships, work-study, vocational and career counseling, and on-the-job experience that exposes students to career opportunities and job skills. Such efforts prepare young people to be valuable workers throughout their lives.ghout their lives.


Ensure that young people are learning marketable skills through effective education. Connect with these organizations that can help you fulfill Promise Four: