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Airport Staff

If you have any questions regarding Scottsdale Airport, please feel free to direct your questions or comments to one of the following Airport Staff members. You can click on an individual name to send an email directly to that individual. Thank you for visiting our website.

Gary Mascaro, C.M., C.A.E. 
Aviation Director

Chris Read, C.M.   
Operations Manager
 (480) 312-2674

Shannon Johnson
Management Analyst
(480) 312-8475

Kate O'Malley, C.M.
Aviation Planning & Outreach Coordinator
(480) 312-8482 

Ken Goucher, A.C.E. 
Operations Supervisor
 (480) 312-8478

Theresa Smith
Administrative Assistant
(480) 312-8484  


William Underbrink
Maintenance Technician II 


Tim Bishop ,
Sr. Operations Tech.

John Fonville ,
Operations Tech.

Lindell Hendricks ,
Operations Tech.

Ryan Millsaps ,
Operations Tech.

Lyle Roesler ,
Operations Tech.

Colin Walker ,
Operations Tech.

Ernie Cook ,
Operations Tech.

Download Airport Staff Organizational Chart (pdf/13kb/1p)


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