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Welcome to Scottsdale Airport

Scottsdale’s Super Season 2015 includes a full lineup of super events. Scottsdale Airport is the preferred airport for these events and we're ready to provide you with the best customer service.

AriZona Super Bowl XLIX – Make your reservation through an FBO
Super Bowl is one of the biggest events of the year for private jet travelers — and Scottsdale Airport is ready! Scottsdale Airport has been working with the FAA, the Super Bowl Transportation Committee and with local, state and federal agencies on an efficient airport operations plan (pdf/2mb/21pp) and reservation system to ensure a smooth experience.
News and Media
Scottsdale Airport provides local, national and international news media organizations with timely, accurate airport information.  Visit media resources web page for more information, including airport fact sheets and media contact.

Want some quick media bites? Here are 12 facts about Scottsdale Airport (pdf/301k/2pp).
The Federal Aviation Association has provided the following Pilot Briefing Information (pdf/1,254k/15pp) during the Super Bowl.  There is information provided on departure routes and filing of FAA domestic flight plans.
Two FBOs taking reservations
This will most likely be the busiest event at Scottsdale Airport, so a reservation is required for departure from Scottsdale Airport from 5 p.m. Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 1 through Monday, Feb. 2. Reservations for Super Bowl XLIX can only be made through one of the following FBOs.



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Landmark Aviation

480-948-2400 Fax: 480-948-3874
ARINC: 129.7 Unicom: 122.95 




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Signature Flight Support

480-951-2525 Fax: 480-951-2595
ARINC: 131.175 Unicom: 122.95

Scottsdale Airport Operations Plan

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  Specific information on airport operations during Super Bowl is available in the Scottsdale Airport Operations Plan. The airport strongly encourages you to review the operations plan (pdf/2mb/21pp).


Important Information:

  • A temporary flight restriction for all aircraft (based and transient) will be in place using a reservation system to manage flight operations from 5 p.m. Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 1 through Monday, Feb. 2.
  • To expedite departures, the FAA has created an enhanced departure route from Scottsdale Airport.
  • The FAA will determine the amount of departure reservations available on a first-come and first-served basis.

Scottsdale Airport Administration Offices
15000 N. Airport Drive, 2nd Floor, Scottsdale, AZ 85260


Super Season Video

Flying in for Super Bowl? - What you need to know

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Specific information on airport operations during Super Bowl is available in the Scottsdale Airport Operations Plan. (pdf/2mb/21pp).

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