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Scottsdale Airport Strategic Business Plan


In order to ensure that the Airport's future growth potential is maximized, an Airport Strategic Business Plan is being conducted to provide long-term vision for future planning and development of Scottsdale Airport.  We're taking a measured and comprehensive approach to this planning process and to ensure that the Airport remains an efficient, effective and relevant transportation resource for the long-term benefit of the City and its surrounding community. It's important to first conduct strategic-level development options for the Airport.

Generally, the Airport Strategic Business Plan will use the following approach:

  • Chapter One - Generate a profile of SDL in terms of its current administrative structure, facilities, environs, service area and financials.
  • Chapter Two - Establish a reasonable range of possible aviation activities that could be accommodated at SDL, and describe how those activities can impact and benefit their host airport.
  • Chapter Three - Conduct an analysis to determine the potential physical and financial implications of the possible aviation activities on SDL and its environs.
  • Chapter Four - Conduct an administrative and financial analysis of the potential activities effects on Scottsdale Airport administration and operations.

Current Status

On Wednesday, August 12, 2009 the Airport Advisory Commission recommended the Strategic Business Plan move forward with Development Option Scenario 2.

On Tuesday, October 13, 2009 the City Council considered the Commission's recommendations as well as input from the public and city staff. The Council voted
7-0 to pass the resolutions for the Plan as presented by staff. With that direction, the staff has begun implementing the Council’s decisions.

View the presentation made to the Commission.


Executive Summary (pdf/123kb/4pp)
Frequently Asked Questions (pdf/34kb/3pp)
Aircraft Noise Comparison (pdf/999kb/1pp)


Chapter One - Airport Overview and Context (pdf/7188kb/57pp)
Chapter Two - Aviation Industry Overview and Context (pdf/728kb/39pp)
Chapter Three - SDL Long-Term Market Focus Options (pdf/1826kb/53pp)
Chapter Four - SDL Long-Term Development Scenarios (pdf/238kb/19pp)
Appendix A - Airport Administration Assessment (pdf/2040kb/67pp)
Appendix B - Airport Business Review (pdf/259kb/19pp)
Appendix C - Glossary of Terms (pdf/176kb/21pp)


Presentation One - June 11, 2008 (pdf/294kb/6pp)
Presentation Two - October 15, 2008 (pdf/907kb/24pp)
Presentation Three - December 13, 2008 (pdf/480kb/17pp)
Presentation Four - May 13, 2009 (pdf/1370kb/23pp)



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