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Well Site Improvements

Construction Activities & Schedule

April 2014

Crews will begin testing the well pump in mid-April. The hours will likely be from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. for a week or so. By late April, 24 hour testing will start and continue for approximately 5 to 7 days.

Testing of the pump is scheduled to be completed in early May.

Please contact Anna Leyva, Project Manager at 480-312-7769 or aleyva@scottsdaleaz.gov with any questions or concerns.

Project Designs and Plans

Here are some links to preliminary project designs and plans. All designs and plans displayed on this webpage will also be displayed at the public meeting. Your feedback is valuable to us, so please send us a comment at the contact information below.

 Site Plan

 Site Layout

 3D Site Images

West Side (Miller Road) Wall Design Options

 Landscape Plan

 West Side View

 North Wall View

 West Side View with Accents

 South and East Wall Views

West Side View with Landscaping


Scottsdale Water Resources is in the process of upgrading a nearby groundwater well (Well 71) and pump station located on the southeast corner of Miller and Thomas roads. Well71MapThis parcel of land was formerly occupied by Scottsdale Fire until recently. The current well site is located at the north end of the property.

Well 71 is an important component in the North Indian Bend Wash Superfund cleanup efforts. It was built in 1959 and has reached the end of its useful life at the current location. To continue the cleanup efforts, Water Resources needs to drill a replacement well in a new location on the existing property. The new well will have greater pumping capacity and will continue to assist in the Superfund remediation.

Learn more about Superfund sites in Scottsdale.

Water Resources is proposing to construct the new location of Well 71 at the south end of the property. The new well footprint will be larger in scale than the existing well and pump station to accommodate the elimination of a nearby pumping station located a half mile to the east. This pumping station has also reach the end of its useful life.

We realize your neighborhood will also be impacted by the Thomas Road Streetscape Project. You can learn more about this project on the project website.

Neighborhood Input

A neighborhood Open House was held on June 24 for residents to review the site plan, perimeter wall designs, the construction timeline and answer any questions about the project.

Read some of the Frequently Asked Questions from the meeting. 

Contact Us

Anna Leyva, Project Manager at 480-312-7769 or aleyva@scottsdaleaz.gov
Annie DeChance, Water Resources at 480-312-5689 or adechance@scottsdaleaz.gov