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Scottsdale Unsalted - Water Softener Rebate Program

SmLogo While salt-using water softeners combat hard water, they are also the largest contributor of added total dissolved solids (TDS) in Scottsdale’s wastewater. High salinity (TDS) can be harmful to people and the environment and it is not removed in traditional wastewater treatment processes.

Reclaimed water, or highly treated wastewater, however, is an essential part of Scottsdale’s water portfolio. It is used for both groundwater recharge and landscape irrigation.

On a two-year-pilot basis, Scottsdale Water Resources is offering three rebates to help customers reduce the amount of salinity, or salt levels, in our wastewater. The three options include replacing inefficient water softeners with demand-initiated water softeners, subscribing to a portable-exchange service or completely removing an existing salt-using water softener.

Additional Information: Please contact us for more information.