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Scottsdale Unsalted


On July 1, 2014 Scottsdale Water Resources began a two-year pilot program to reduce the amount of salinity, or salt levels in our reclaimed water (highly treated wastewater). Reclaimed water is an essential part of Scottsdale’s water portfolio as it is used for groundwater recharge and landscape irrigation.

High salinity, measured in total dissolved solids (TDS), can be harmful to people and the environment. TDS is not removed in a traditional wastewater treatment process, as it is costly to treat and creates a solids disposal issue.

More than 1.6 million tons of salt arrives in the Valley every year from the Colorado and Salt Rivers. Additional salt enters our water system from human use. While salt-using water softeners combat hard water they also are the largest contributor of added TDS in Scottsdale’s reclaimed water (highly treated wastewater).

This pilot rebate program will help “unsalt” Scottsdale with three different options: replace inefficient water softeners with demand initiated water softeners, subscribe to a portable exchange service or completely remove an existing salt-using water softener.

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