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Water Service Line Warranties

Step2Recently, many Scottsdale homeowners received a solicitation by mail for a warranty on water service line protection. Typically, service lines from the water meter to your home are very reliable and require very little maintenance and are often covered under homeowner’s insurance policies.

This type of insurance is a personal choice and adding this additional coverage depends on what is already covered in your existing policy. We encourage you to check your current homeowner’s policy before purchasing additional insurance or adding a warranty.

Scottsdale Water Resources works around the clock to ensure you have clean, safe, reliable drinking water whenever you need it. If there is ever an interruption to your service, we respond immediately and get you back in service as quickly as possible.

Remember, the water meter is what separates Scottsdale’s water system from your property’s system. Scottsdale City Code establishes any repairs made on the “property owner’s side” of the water meter is the responsibility of the property owner.

We strongly encourage you to check your current policy or speak to your insurance agent before purchasing additional insurance or a warranty for service line protection.