Sewer Backups

Wastewater Operations is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the sanitary sewer mains in the City.  Customers are welcome to call us in the event of a sewer back up.
It is possible that there is a problem with the sewer main line. Water & Wastewater crews will investigate and determine with whom the responsibility lies. If the the back up is in the sewer main, the City of Scottsdale will make the necessary repairs. Claims related to property damage as a result of a sewer main backup will be referred to Risk Management Services.

If Water & Wastewater crews find the problem is in the sewer lateral, which is all the piping extending from the house to the City sewer main, the customer will be advised to contact a plumber. Please note that the lateral includes the tap, which is the sleeve that connects the house service line to the sewer main line. The sewer lateral and tap is owned and maintained by the property owner. Please see the City of Scottsdale Ordinance for more information on wastewater collection, pretreatment, and treatment.

City of Scottsdale Wastewater collection ordinance


Sec. 49-102.  Users responsibility.
Each user shall be responsible for cleaning, unstopping, maintaining and repairing the building or house sewer, or sewer tap. Whenever the damage requires off-property excavation, the user or contractor shall obtain an encroachment permit to work in the public right-of-way.
(Ord. No. 2623, § 2, 12-20-93)

Sec. 49-118.  Private sewers, connection to public sewers.
(a)   Private sewers may be installed at the developer's discretion in multifamily residential developments. Private sewers shall not be installed in a public utility easement or right-of-way except to connect to a public sewer.
(b)   Private sewers shall be installed within all non-subdivided commercial or industrial properties. Private sewers shall not be installed within a public utility easement or right-of-way except to connect to a public sewer.
(c)   Where a private sewer connects to a public sewer, the connection shall be made at a manhole or wye connection located within a public utility easement or public right-of-way. The sewer line, including any applicable wye connection, is considered private until it enters the manhole or the public sewer in the public right-of-way. The city will maintain the manhole and all public sewers within a public utility easement or right-of-way.
(d)   Two (2) or more buildings located on the same parcel or on contiguous lots under different ownership may be supplied through one (1) or more private sewer lines provided:
(1)   There is an established, incorporated association or management firm which is responsible for payment of the sewer service charge; and
(2)   Each parcel or lot has a city-owned sewer line frontage on at least one (1) side of each parcel or lot; and
(3)   The association or management firm does not charge a fee to connect individual parcels to a private sewer line.
(Ord. No. 2623, § 2, 12-20-93; Ord. No. 3178, § 12, 10-5-98; Res. No. 7368, § 1, 10-2-07; Ord. No. 3755, § 1, 10-2-07)