Pool Draining

It is often necessary to drain a pool to  make repairs. Scottsdale prohibits the disposal of swimming pool water into the street or directly into a sewer manhole. Scottsdale encourages the reuse of swimming pool water to irrigate landscaping on the resident's property. 

If you have more water than can be used to to irrigate landscape, Scottsdale does not prohibit draining the pool into Scottsdale's sewer system provided the property owner utilize the sewer clean-out on the property. Residents utilizing the sewer clean-out option to drain a swimming pool must understand that the property owner is liable for any backup or other damage caused by draining a swimming pool into Scottsdale's sewer.

Sewer Clean OutSewer Clean-out
A sewer clean-out is part of the property owner's plumbing. A sewer clean-out is described as two six-inch caps about a foot apart with an octagon nut on top. They can be located in either the front or back yard, usually near a bathroom. A sewer clean-out is commonly used by plumbing professionals to clear sewer line backups. Homes less than 20 years old normally have a sewer clean-out installed by the contractor who built the house. Homes older than 20 years old may not have a sewer clean-out unless the homeowner had one installed.

Some homeowners have difficulty finding their sewer clean-out. This occurs because landscape changes over the years may have covered up the sewer clean-out. Sewer clean-outs are part of the private plumbing associated with the property.

Scottsdale does not have any records that show where the sewer clean-out is located on private property.

Please note that sewer fees are based on your water use in the months of December, January, and February, so filling your pool at this time may affect those fees. You may want to read your meter before and after filling your pool. The difference between these reads is the gallons used. You may want to fill out a wastewater adjustment form. Look here for more information on Backwashing or Emptying a Pool and Is the Pool losing water?