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Cross-Connection Control Program

The city of Scottsdale implemented the Cross-Connection Control Program in 1991 in response to new requirements in Arizona State Drinking Water Regulations.

The program, administered through Water Operations Services, works to keep the water supply safe from contaminants that could be introduced into the water system through backflow, backsiphonage or backpressure from a customer's plumbing system.

The program does this by requiring the installation, testing and maintenance of approved backflow prevention assemblies on the plumbing system per the city's plumbing codes and City Ordinances. Commercial water customers with Backflow Assemblies are notified by mail that the yearly inspection of their assembly(ies) is due.

The city of Scottsdale requires contractors doing any testing on a Backflow Prevention Assembly be certified. Additionally, they must be recognized by the city of Scottsdale to perform work on Backflow Prevention Assemblies. Any work on fire safety systems requires the contractor to be licensed.

This includes, but is not limited to testing, repairing, installing, retrofits and replacements of Backflow Prevention Assemblies. 

Please remember - minimum plumbing permits are required for all installations, retrofits and replacements of Backflow Prevention Assemblies.

Below is a list of important documents for backflow testing in Scottsdale.

 List of Recognized Backflow Testers

 Application for Backflow Testing Recognition (pdf/231kb/2pp)

 Hydrant Meter & Temporary Water Sources (pdf/1200k/5pp)

 Backflow Test Instructions

 Standard Detail Information

 Backflow Test Form
(Electronic Submittal)

 Theft Prevention

 Backflow Test Form 

  Installation Requirements

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