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Water Security and You

Water Security in
How You Can Help
Secure Our Water
How To Report
Suspicious Activity

Water Security in Scottsdale

The City of Scottsdale takes water security and safety very seriously. The city’s Water Resources Department has staff dedicated to monitoring the security of our facilities and water sources, 24 hours a day. They partner with the Scottsdale Police department, the State of Arizona and Maricopa County regulatory agencies, and you -- our customers.

Since September 11, 2001, the Water Resources department has undertaken additional measures to tighten security at all of its facilities. These include implementing:

  • physical barriers
  • electronic surveillance
  • regular security patrols of water sites and facilities
  • water quality monitors
  • strict security policies and procedures

How You Can Help Secure Our Water

The Water Resources Department also relies on Scottsdale residents to assist in the efforts to secure our water. Residents are asked to promptly report any suspicious activities. Examples of suspicious activity include:

  • Unidentified/abandoned vehicle parked near canals or water facilities.
  • Security breaches such as cut locks and damaged gates.
  • People dumping material into water canal or sewer manhole.
  • People loitering around facilities, climbing facility walls or water tanks.
  • People photographing or videotaping facilities.

How to Report Suspicious Activity

If you see any of these activities, report it immediately by calling 9-1-1 or the Scottsdale Police department at 480-312-5000. When reporting an incident:

  • Do not confront the strangers.
  • State the nature of the incident.
  • Identify yourself and your location.
  • Identify the location of the activity.
  • Describe any vehicle involved (color, make, model, plate #).
  • Describe the participants (how many, sex, race, hair and eye color, height, weight, clothing).
  • Stay on the line until the operator disconnects you.

For additional information, call the Water Resources Department at 480-312-5650 or email cmitchell@ScottsdaleAZ.gov.