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Water and Sewer Rates / Fees

rebates• Up to 70% of water is used outdoors! Change landscape watering to match the weather. Read Landscape Watering by the Numbers to learn how to water efficiently.

Rebates are available for removing high-water use lawn and/or installing an irrigation clock. Applications online.

Water and Sewer Rates

Current Water Rates
Current Sewer Rates 

Water & Wastewater Rate Report for FY2014-15

Calculate your estimated monthly bill here.

Wastewater (Sewer) Adjustment Application Instructions pdf/600k/5pp

Submit Online - Wastewater Adjustment Form 

Print form, Submit by mail or fax Wastewater Adjustment Form pdf/400kb/3pp


Water, Water Resources and Wastewater Impact Fees

Scottsdale charges water, water resources and sewer impact fees to fund infrastructure improvements and future water supplies. Impact fees must be paid in order to obtain a building permit or to set a new water meter. 

New state legislation (Senate Bill 1525) effective January 1, 2012 requires cities throughout Arizona to change their water, water resources and wastewater impact fees with new water meter requirements.  The new legislation will also require an update to Infrastructure Improvement Plans. 

On Dec. 6, 2011, City Council approved an ordinance to comply with state legislation to standardize non-residential impact fees based on the size of the water meter at each business or property.  This is similar to what most other cities in the valley are currently doing. 

There will be NO CHANGES to single family or multi-family residential development fees.


 Impact Fee Report 2014 

Infrastructure Improvement Plan for
Water and Wastewater Impact Fees 2013

Land Use Assumptions Report 2013

Single Family Impact Fee Schedule

 Non-Residential Impact Fee Schedule 

 Multi-Family Residential Impact Fee Schedule

Use of Impact Fee Report for
Fiscal Year 12/13
Fiscal Year 11/12

  Impact Fees FAQ


  2008 Impact Fee Study Report

Amended Appendix C of 2008 Impact Fee Study


Water and Wastewater Impact Fees / Processes 


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