NIBW Groundwater Treatment Facility

What is the NIBW Groundwater Treatment Facility?

The NIBW Groundwater Treatment Facility is owned and operated by the City of Scottsdale. The plant, located at Pima and Thomas roads, was built by the participating companies indicated above. The plant treats water pumped from four groundwater wells that contain TCE. The water is treated to federal and state drinking water standards, under the oversight of the EPA in cooperation with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ).

How does the NIBW Groundwater Treatment Facility work?

The treatment facility uses a proven process that "strips" the water of contaminants by mixing it with air. Water pumped from the four wells filters down through three treatment columns. As the water and air mix, the contaminants attach themselves to the air. The treated water is then moved to a reservoir for final treatment before it is delivered to the City of Scottsdale drinking water system. The water in the reservoir is combined with other treated water source(s) to meet customer demand. The air used in the treatment process is passed through activated carbon filters to remove the contaminants before it is released.

How do you know the water from the NIBW Groundwater Treatment Facility is safe?

All water provided by the City of Scottsdale consistently meets or surpasses federal and state drinking water standards. These standards are conservatively set to protect the public against substances that may be harmful to humans if consumed for long periods of time. The City of Scottsdale operates the NIBW Groundwater Treatment Facility above and beyond normal operating procedures approved by the EPA and ADEQ. The facility removes TCE from the water to a non-detect level (less than 0.5 parts per billion) which is far below the standard of 5 parts per billion. For information on the quality of any water served by the City of Scottsdale, see the latest Consumer Confidence Report (pdf / 1.5MB / 16 pages) or call 480-312-8732 for a copy.

How do I find out if the water I’m being served is from the Groundwater Treatment Facility?

The fact sheet map (pdf / 89 kb / 2 pages)which shows the plume, also indicates an outline of the NIBW Groundwater Treatment Facility service area. Please note that these boundaries change slightly based on seasonal water demands.