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Planning for Scottsdale's Water Future

The Water Resources Division uses its Water Resources Master Plans to plan for the City's water resources future.  These plans are updated on a regular basis.  The latest update was completed in March 2008.  For more information on the Water Resources Master Plans contact Water Engineering at 480-312-5685 or click on the link below.

Water Engineering

Drought Planning

The Water Resources Division has prepared for drought conditions by developing a Drought Management Plan, which was adopted by Scottsdale's City Council in July 2003. This plan describes the City's responses to drought conditions if water deliveries are reduced or curtailed to treatment plants, resulting in a reduction to water deliveries to customers.

There are four drought stages in this plan. Each stage from Stage I to Stage 4 represents a progressively severe condition which includes increasingly stringent water conservation measures. These measures include water use reduction goals for both the City and its water customers. They also include specific actions like landscape watering restrictions and vehicle washing limitations.

Scottsdale drought situation FAQs

Drought Management Plan 2015-2019