Salt River Project


In 1903, Arizona settlers formed the Salt River Valley Water Users Association (Salt River Project), and pledged more than 200,000 acres of their land as collateral for a government loan to build a water storage and delivery system. The used this loan to build Roosevelt dam. As Phoenix grew, SRP added three more dams on the Salt River and two dams on the Verde River. A 1,300-mile system of canals and laterals was built to complete the water delivery system. Today, SRP delivers more than 1 million acre-feet of water annually to Phoenix area water users for both agricultural and municipal purposes.  SRP's watershed and water service area are shown on the map below.


Scottsdale's SRP supplies are delivered through the Arizona Canal to the City's Chaparral WTP, located near the intersection of McDonald Drive and Hayden Road. The 30 million gallon a day capacity plant has been in operation since the spring of 2006. The City also uses SRP wells together with City-owned wells to supplement SRP supplies treated at the Chaparral WTP. The total SRP supply available to Scottsdale in normal supply years amounts to 16,894 AF/yr. SRP water can only be used "On-Project," which is south of the Arizona Canal.

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