Groundwater & Sustainability

Scottsdale's groundwater is pumped from 25 active production wells.  All of Scottsdale's groundwater use must be consistent with the Arizona Department of Water Resources' goal of safe yield.  Scottsdale works both to increase artificial recharge and decrease groundwater pumping in order to achieve that safe yield balance.  In 2006, that work paid off when we reached safe yield in our service area.


The City has an extensive aquifer recharge program, established in the late 1990s. The purpose of this program is to achieve aquifer sustainability and to make sure that water levels in the aquifer stay stable so that we can use our wells if we need to during surface water shortages and to meet peak demands. 

We currently recharge the aquifer at the Water Campus by putting highly treated reclaimed water and filtered CAP water into the ground through vadose zone recharge wells.  

The City also recharges treated CAP water through specially designed dual use groundwater production wells (ASR wells).  ASR wells can pump water out of the ground just like regular wells, but they can also put water back into the ground to help replenish the groundwater aquifer.

ASR wells let Scottsdale increase use of its CAP allocation throughout the year. In the summer, all of the CAP water treated at Scottsdale’s CAP treatment plant is used directly by Scottsdale customers. When demand is lower in the winter, some of the water treated at the CAP plant is recharged thorough the ASR wells to recharge the groundwater table, and for later recovery and use.


North Indian Bend Wash (NIBW) Superfund Site