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Petroleum, Oil and Grease

Car washes and repair shops also play an important role in keeping Scottsdale’s sewer system working properly. If too much oil and grease is put into the sewer system, it builds up and can eventually block the sewer pipes and equipment used to treat the wastewater.

Sand/oil interceptors are similar to a restaurant’s grease interceptor in that they are multi-stage
 POG Interceptor

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units designed to capture dirt, debris and automotive fluids that flow into the shop’s drainage system. Like a holding tank, the interceptor provides adequate time for the water and oil to separate so that the petroleum, oil and grease are left behind while the water is discharged into the city’s sewer system.

Automotive repair shops, auto body shops, radiator repair shops, car washes and fleet service facilities in the city are required to have their interceptor pumped and cleaned at least once a year. Depending on the amount of discharge in each facility, more pumping and cleaning may be necessary to maintain the device operates properly.

All maintenance records (including pump out documentation) must be kept on site for a minimum of three years and be available for review during routine inspections.

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