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Pretreatment Purpose and Goals

Scottsdale’s Pretreatment Program was established to comply with all federal, state and local regulations. We issue permits to businesses and industries to prevent or reduce the amount of industrial chemicals and other harmful pollutants from interfering with the operation and treatment of the city’s wastewater system and to protect the environment.

We also sample and analyze wastewater discharges throughout the city, inspect the businesses and industries with permits and work with each business to educate and help manage compliance challenges.

Permit Info
Scottsdale has a variety of businesses and industries that must have a permit to discharge their wastewater into the city’s collections system according to the EPA. These include metal plating companies, circuit board manufacturers and facilities that discharge a significant amount of wastewater daily. These types of businesses are referred to as Significant Industrial Users.

In Scottsdale, most permitted facilities are labeled SIUs. Regardless of the type of business, SIUs have the potential to negatively impact the city’s sewer system and treatment facility because their wastewater makes up a large portion of the total amount of water entering the treatment plant.

The EPA has set specific limits for discharging into a city’s sewer system. Scottsdale, along with the SROG cities, has also developed limits for discharging into our sewer system. This not only protects our residents, the environment and the city’s system, it also reduces the cost associated with maintenance, repairs or replacement of our sewer infrastructure.

    Regulations and Ordinances:

    Link to City Code 
    Arizona Department of Environmental Quality 

Federal Regulations: 
    EPA Pretreatment page 
    Categorical Limits and standards