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How to Kill and Remove Bermuda Grass

grass killer

Step 1 Purchase Herbicide
  • Read the label.
  • Look for the active ingredient GLYPHOSATE. That is all that is necessary. Be aware that other chemicals are often added - they will be separately listed. The only chemical recommended for the removal of bermuda grass is glyphosate.


Step 2 Green Up Grass
  • Water. Fertilize if necessary. Grass must be green and actively growing to transport the herbicide down to the root zone.


Step 3 Apply Herbicide
  • Follow directions on the product label for mixing and spraying to obtain best results. Note that Precautionary Statements are on the label for your protection.



Step 4 Wait Several Weeks and Repeat
  • Allow several weeks for the initial grass kill, and repeat the process a second time.

edge treatment

Shallow trench 

Step 5 Remove Grass
  • Allow two weeks after the second grass kill before removing the grass.
  • Begin at the perimeter of the conversion area. Using a string trimmer, scalp grass around edges, hardscapes, and other areas where a mower cannot scalp grass to the ground.
  • Next is the big scalp. If grass is very thick and the mower stalls, you will need a power rake (a sod cutter can also be used). Typically, beginning at the highest setting on the mower and working through to the lowest setting will get the job done. Remove as much grass as possible. It is not necessary to remove remaining grass stubble.
  • Prevent crushed rock from spilling onto walkways with a shallow 3- to 4-inch deep trench next to sidewalks, driveways, and other hardscapes. Taper the trench out 1 foot to meet the elevation of the grass stubble (see illustration).
  • Now you’re ready to install your irrigation, new plants, and crushed rock!


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