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Water Festival Activities & Games - Students learn about water in an online water festival by becoming a water detective to find where the water is being wasted, playing aqua bodies, and watching the water cycle in action.


Water Use It Wisely Kids - Water conservation starts with you. So go have some fun and learn some new tips in the Tip Tank.
Educational GamesWord Search Games - Fun and educational for teachers and kids alike. These printable pages feature words to help kids learn about Watersheds (pdf/100kb/1p) and the Water Cycle (pdf/101kb/1p).

Watersheds Key (pdf/107kb/1p)
Water Cycle Key (pdf/107kb/1p)

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US Environmental Protection Agency WaterSense Kids - Move the water efficiency hero Flow through water pipes and answer water efficiency questions while avoiding water-wasting monsters. Use the information you've learned on this website to test your knowledge.

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