Frequently Asked Questions: Hot Water Recirculation System Rebate

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Q.  I do not receive water from Scottsdale, but I live in Scottsdale and/or have a Scottsdale mailing address. Can I get a rebate?
  No. The city offers this program to its water customers to reduce demands on its water system. The rebate program is supported via water use fees, so only those who receive a Scottsdale water bill are eligible for a rebate. Households that do not receive a water bill from the Scottsdale either because they are on a well or receive water from another water provider are not eligible for a rebate. Back to top

Q.  Do I have to buy the hot water recirculation system at a particular store?
A.  No. A customer can buy it from any retailer (including online). Make sure the invoice/receipt has the type and cost of the hot water recirculation system purchased on it. Original receipts from major home improvement stores with stock-keeping units (sku) or universal product codes (UPC) on them are acceptable for proof of purchase. Back to top

Q. Can I hire someone to install the hot water recirculation system?
  Yes. If you purchase the hot water recirculation system from the plumber/handyman make sure you get an itemized invoice. The rebate is only for the cost of the system, not including labor or tax. Back to top
Q.  Is a building permit required?
  Yes. Installation of the hot water recirculation system must meet city code and permitting requirements.  Scottsdale residents must purchase a minimum permit from the One Stop Shop at 7447 E Indian School Road, Suite 105, Scottsdale AZ 85251, phone 480-312-2500 or apply for the permit online. Inspection Services will inspect your system after installation as part of the permit process. 

To request an inspection: Monday through Friday inspections call 480-312-5796. Saturday inspections call 480-312-4656 and leave a message requesting a hot water system inspection with your name, address, and phone number. An inspector will return calls to schedule Saturday inspections.

If you live in an unincorporated area of Maricopa County and are a Scottsdale water customer, please write “unincorporated” in the minimum permit box as you are not required to obtain a permit. Back to top

Q.  How much does a minimum building permit cost?
  The fee for the minimum permit is $44.00. The rebate of $200.00 was set high enough to cover the permit fee and still provide an incentive for the purchase of a system. Back to top

Q.  What if I lost or can't get a receipt for my hot water recirculation system?
  The application cannot be approved without an itemized, dated sales receipt showing the type and cost of the hot water recirculation system purchased. An inspection from the permitting process cannot be used in lieu of missing receipts. Back to top

Q.  What if my invoice is not itemized and the cost of the recirculation system, labor, and tax are combined into one lump sum?
  The rebate is based on the actual cost of the hot water recirculation system. Obtain a revised invoice or sales receipt that shows the actual cost of the recirculation system and submit it with your application. Back to top

Q.  How and when will I receive the rebate?
  It will appear as a credit on your water bill within two billing cycles after your application has been approved. Back to top

Q.  What do I do if I live in a homeowners association and do not pay my own water bill?
  If you belong to a homeowners association (HOA) and do not pay your own water bill, include the name of the HOA’s management company (if applicable), contact name, and phone number of the person responsible for paying the water bill on the application. We will provide the HOA with the documentation needed so they can reimburse you after the credit appears on the water bill. Back to top

Q.  What happens if I no longer pay the water bill, but replaced a hot water recirculation system prior to the new owner/renter becoming the active person on the account? How can I get the rebate?
  The rebate can only be applied to the active water account for that property. If you have rented or sold the property, your option is to work with the person currently paying the water bill to see if they will reimburse you. Back to top

Q.  How much water can I expect to save by installing a hot water recirculation system?
  The amount of water saved has to do with the distance between the water-using fixture and the water heater plus how hot you have your water heater set. An average American household wastes more than 3,650 gallons of hot water each year while waiting for water to get to the fixture1. Back to top

Klein, Gary. 2004. Plumbing Systems & Design. Hot-Water Distribution Systems Part 1. Mar/Apr 2004.

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