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Plumbing Rebates: Hot Water Recirculation System, Toilets, Showerheads, and Aerators

Rebates are offered to
encourage a permanent reduction in indoor water use.

Rebates are available to customers whose property receives water from Scottsdale's water system.


Who is Eligible
The hot water recirculation system rebate is available to single-family residential properties. One per customer (not per property).

recirculationAbout the Program
Rebates for a hot water recirculation system are limited to the cost of the system or up to $200.

Installation of the hot water recirculation system must meet city code requirements and a minimum plumbing permit is required from the One Stop Shop - obtain your permit online. Inspection Services will inspect your system after installation as part of the permit process.

Frequently Asked Questions: Hot Water Recirculation Systems Rebate

Download the application for program details (pdf/170kb/2pp). 

Look for the WaterSense logoWho is Eligible
Rebates are available to homeowners, multifamily properties, and businesses with structures built prior to 1992. 

About the Program
Rebates of up to $75.00 for toilets with 1.6-gallons per flush or less. Rebates of up to $5.00 are for showerheads with a flow of 2.75 gallons per minute or less. Look for the EPA WaterSense label on high-efficiency toilets and showerheads.

Frequently Asked Questions: Toilets
Frequently Asked Questions: Showerheads

Download the application for program details (pdf/870kb/2pp).

Water - faucet (magenta)FREE AERATORS

Single-family properties can receive two aerators.
Multifamily properties and businesses can receive aerators equal to the number of faucets on the property.

Download the application for program details (pdf/217kb/2pp).


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