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Frequently Asked Questions: Landscape Irrigation Controller Rebate

Get your questions on the Landscape Irrigation Controller Rebate answered here:

Q. I do not receive water from Scottsdale, but I live in Scottsdale and/or have a Scottsdale mailing address. Can I get a rebate?
No. The city offers this program to its water customers to reduce demands on its water system. The rebate program is supported via water use fees, so only those who receive a Scottsdale water bill are eligible for a rebate. Households that do not receive a water bill from Scottsdale either because they are on a well or receive water from another water provider are not eligible for a rebate. Back to top

Q. Can I hire someone to install the controller?
Yes. If you purchase the controller from a landscape company make sure to get an itemized invoice. The rebate is only for the cost of the unit, not including labor or tax. The itemized invoice must have the brand and model name, and purchase price. Back to top

Q. What if my invoice is not itemized and the cost of the controller, labor, and tax are combined into one lump sum?
A. The rebate is based on the actual cost of the controller. Obtain a revised invoice or sales receipt that shows the actual cost of the controller and submit it with your application. Back to top

Q. Will the city be checking to see that my controller has been installed?
A. As part of the rebate process inspections may be performed. Customers must agree to allow a post-installation inspection during normal business hours, if requested. Back to top

Q. What if I lost or can't get a receipt for my controller?
The application cannot be approved without an itemized, dated sales receipt showing the type and cost of the controller purchased. Inspections will not be done in lieu of missing receipts. Back to top 


Q. How and when will I receive the rebate?
It will appear as a credit on your water bill within two billing cycles after your application has been approved. Back to top

Q. What happens if I no longer pay the water bill, but replaced a controller prior to the new owner/renter becoming the active person on the account? How can I get the rebate?
The rebate can only be applied to the active water account for that property. If you have rented or sold the property, your option is to work with the person currently paying the water bill to see if they will reimburse you. Back to top

Q. How can I find more information on SMART controllers?
The links below provide information on SMART controllers. Back to top

• What is a SMART controller?
• Irrigation Association: SMART controller
• EPA WaterSense Draft Specifications for Weather-Based Irrigation Controllers

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