Four Outdoor Classrooms


Scottsdale Xeriscape Garden offers four outdoor classrooms open year-round, during regular park hours.

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Desert Living ClassroomDesert Living Classroom IconDesert Living
The gathering space at Desert Living is a good place to begin a tour of the garden. The tall informational kiosk introduces visitors to using the concept Xeriscape as a guide to planning and designing a water-thrifty landscape. A large cistern of water reflects the amount of water an average household uses in one week. Look closer and you will see a message imbedded in the cistern wall.
Shady Terrace ClassroomShady Terrace Classroom IconShady Terrace
Views from the Terrace overlook the garden and the park, and Camelback Mountain is a prominent landmark in the distance. Take the stairs off the main path or the ADA pathway to reach this classroom. A restroom is conveniently located at the top of the path just around the corner from a lively hummingbird garden.

Mosquite BosqueMesquite Bosque Classroom IconMesquite Bosque
Two side trails leave the main path to lead into the Bosque. The mesquite tree bosque or grove, once prevalent along watercourses throughout our desert, lines the spiraling trail into this cool sunken classroom. A large seating capacity and location in the heart of the desert habitat area of the garden offers easy access for large groups, bird watching, and close-up observation of desert trees.
Water Harvest BasinWater Harvest Classroom IconWater Harvest Basin
The end of the garden path leads to the lowest point in a water harvesting design, where rainwater from the garden collects before moving underground and on to the lake at Chaparral Park. A prominent informational kiosk (Plant Care) marks one of the trails leading to this small gathering space. Elevated gardens highlight the area and afford a close-up view of plantings.


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