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Beneficial praying mantid on native screwbean mesquite pods

Use the location finder for screwbean mesquite locations in the garden

Desert-adapted plants thrive without fertilizer or soil amendments. Many Sonoran Desert trees and shrubs are legumes - plants that produce their own nitrogen.

  • Native plans have fewer insect and disease problems than introduced species. This reduces, or in most cases, eliminates the need for pesticides. Birds, lizards and beneficial insects consume pests for you.
  • Permeable soil surfaces allow rainwater and irrigation water to soak into the ground to promote healthy root systems. Permeable surfaces include mulch (compost, wood chips, decomposed granite), gravel driveways, and pavers laid in sand without grout.
  • There is no need to clean up every leaf, flower or seed pod that drops. Simply allow plant litter to collect around the plant as mulch. It supplies nutrients as it decomposes.
  • Drip irrigation systems water the landscape even when you are away. Timers can be programmed for seasonal changes in water use.
  • Desert plants seldom need pruning if they are suited for their site and not overwatered.  

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