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Create a Wildlife Habitat in Your Landscape - It's Easy!


Creat a Wildlife Habitat in Your Landscape Scottsdale Xeriscape Garden
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Provide the 4 basiscs: fresh water, food, shelter and a safe place to raise offspring. 

  • Use native plants. Wildlife recognize them as food sources.
  • Various plants offering flowers, berries or seeds during all seasons will provide a regular food supply.
  • Shearing plants reduces food and shelter.
  • Eliminate pesticides. Insects are an essential part of the food chain. In time, nature will strike its own balance, as birds and lizards control insect populations for you.

Plant trees, shrubs, perennials and groundcovers of varying heights to provide shelter for a wider range of creatures.

Provide perches, such as agave flower stalks and ocotillo branches for birds to survey their territory.
Allow flowers to go to seed.

Shallow depressions in rocks hold water for birds and lizards.

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