Where to Water: Out on the Edge

Where to Water? Scottsdale Xeriscape Garden

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Apply Water around the canopy edge where "feeder" roots absorb water and nutrients. As the plant grows, move emitters or hoses outward to keep pace with the expanding canopy and root system.

Drip Emitters
Emitters "drip" water at a slow rate, such as 1,2 or 4 gallons per hour. A 1-gallon emitter running for 30 minutes applies only 2 quarts of water - not enough to soak a root zone! Run your system as long as needed for emitters to apply sufficient water or add emitters with higher flow rates.

Emitter Attachment Options:
Pros & Cons

Emitter attached to polypipe
+ Best protection from damage
+ 2 parts required (emitter/coupler unit, tubing)
- Most digging to access
- Difficult to move as plants grow
Emitter inline with tubing
+ Protected from damage
+ Easy to move
- Digging required to access
- 4 parts required (coupler into poly, emitter, 2 lengths of tubing)

Emitter at end of microtubing
+ Accessible for maintenance
+ Easy to move as plants grow
- Deteriorates in sun
- 3 parts required (coupler into poly, tubing, emitter)

Seasonal Watering
Many variables influence how often plants need water, including the season. Warm weather requires more frequent watering than cool weather. Jot a reminder in your calendar to adjust the irrigation timer at least 4 times per year.

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