Reasons to Plant a Tree

Top Ten Reasons to Plant a Tree Scottsdale Xeriscape Garden
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Top Ten Reasons to Plant a Tree 

    1. Create shade
    2. Lower utility costs
    3. Absorb air pollutants
    4. Reduce temperatures
    5. Provide beauty and color
    6. Act as windbreak
    7. Attract wildlife
    8. Increase home value
    9. Grow fruits or nuts
    10. Extend outdoor living areas

Trees absorb and remove pollutants from the air. They reduce temperatures by providing shade and releasing moisture through their foliage. Concrete and asphalt surfaces absorb sun during the day and radiate heat at night, which is called the "urban heat island effect." Help reduce this effect by planting trees in your yard.

Plant deciduous trees on the east side of the house. In summer leafy foliage blocks the sun's rays.

In winter, the sun shines through bare branches to warm your home early in the day.

Deciduous Trees in the Garden

  • Screwbean Mesquite
  • Honey Mesquite
  • Desert Willow
  • Foothills Palo Verde
  • Blue Palo Verde

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