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Permeable soil surfaces allow rainwater to soak into the ground.
This creates a "moisture bank" within the soil, rather than letting precious rain disappear down storm drains. Rainwater is salt-free and may contain nutrients such s sulfur and potash. During thunderstorms, lightening converts atmospheric nitrogen into a form of nitrogen that plants can absorb. Let rainwater provide your plants with a healthy drink!

Permeable Surfaces

  • Mulch (compost, wood chips, decomposed granite)
  • Brick, flagstone, pavers or recycled concrete laid in sand without grout
  • Gravel driveways

Benefits of Mulch

Several inches of mulch spread on top of the soil provides a heat barrier and slows water evaporation. Plant roots stay cooler and healthier.

Organic mulches (compost, wood chips) release nutrients as they decompose. Mulch acts as weed barrier and reduces soil erosion.

Renovating your landscape? Reuse pieces of broken concrete or bricks from an old patio or sidewalk. Lay them in sand or soil to create a "new" permeable surface. Recycling these material reduces waste sent to landfills and also reduces the need to mine resources from the natural environment. If you need more recycled materials than you have available, ask neighbors and landscape contractors about any upcoming renovation projects or check local newspaper or online listings where used materials may be offered for little or no cost.

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