Native Plant Adaptations


Native Plant Adaptations Scottsdale Xeriscape Garden
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    Native plants have evolved with effective adaptations to survive in the Sonoran Desert with less stress from the arid environment and less input (water, fertilizer, time, money) from you. Look for plants with these adaptations in the Garden.

  • Silver or gray foliage reflects sunlight: Jojoba
  • Small leaves reduce moisture loss: Pink Fairy Duster
  • Waxy leaves act as heat barriers and reduce moisture loss: Creosote
  • Green bark allows trees to drop foliage during drought while continuing photosynthesis: Palo Verde

  • Rosette-shaped plants capture and funnel water to the roots: Agave
  • Accordion-like ribs expand to allow water storage during rainy periods: Saguaro
  • Cactus spines shade plant tissue and act as "drip tips" to collect moisture: Barrel Cactus
  • Shallow root systems quickly absorb limited rainfall: Cacti

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