How Much to Water: Easy as 1-2-3

How Much to Water? Scottsdale Xeriscape Garden
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Water should soak:

1 foot deep for cacti, succulents, annuals, perennials, groundcovers

2 feet deep for shrubs

3 feet deep for trees

Use a soil probe to determine how far water soaks. The probe moves easily through moist soil but stops at hard, dry soil.

Deep Water

Desert water quality influences how we irrigate landscape plants. Our water contains high salt concentrations. Wherever water stops penetrating through soil, it deposits these salts. Frequent shallow irrigations allow salt to accumulate in the plant's root zone. Roots absorb salt and the plant develops "salt burn." Salt burn starts as yellowing and browning along the edges of leaves. If shallow irrigation continues, the plant may die.

Prevent salt Burn

  • Follow the 1-2-3 Rule.
  • Leach salts beyond the root zone 2 to 3 times each summer by irrigating twice as long as usual. Heavy summer rains also leach salts away.

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