Desert Plants From Faraway Places


Desert Plants From Faraway Places Scottsdale Xeriscape GardenOther arid regions of the world, with similar growing conditions to our own, offer a variety of well-adapted plants that thrive in our yards. Plant growers test some species for many years to determine how they will perform in landscape conditions before offering them for sale to the public.      

Did you Know? Insects and diseases often target stressed plants for attack.

What Can You Do to Prevent This? Choose native and desert-adapted plants for


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your landscape. They have evolved to thrive in alkaline soil under harsh sun with limited moisture. Their stress levels are low! Plants from very different growing conditions, such as rich, black acidic soil, plentiful rainfall, moderate temperatures or high humidity, are under constant stress in the desert. It is not possible to change our basic growing conditions with soil amendments, fertilizers and extra water. Instead, choose from hundreds of colorful desert plants. They remain healthy and pest-free with limited care, allowing you time to relax and enjoy their beauty!

Some of our favorite water-thrifty landscape plants come from the arid locales listed below:

Australia____________   Acacia
Baja california_______ Baja Fairy Duster
Chihuahuan Desert___ Texas Sage
Mediterranean_______ Rosemary
Mexico_____________ Agave
South Africa________ Aloe
South America______ Bougainvillea

See our plant finder list for plant location in the garden.

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