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Scottsdale Xeriscape Garden at Chaparral Park

Visit the garden to see plants that thrive in cold weather, plants that are dormant and shed their leaves in wintertime, and plants that are susceptible to cold damage but will return in springtime to thrive during the heat of summer.

70% InfographicHere in the Valley, up to 70% of water is used in the landscape; reduce your water use and water bills by adjusting your irrigation schedule back for the winter months.


Watch the weather - if winter rains are sufficient, supplemental irrigation water may not be necessary. Turn off your irrigation clock during the wet months.

Gardening questions? There is a Master Gardener’s office at Scottsdale’s Via Linda Senior Center. Call 480-312-5810 for gardening questions.

Xeriscape Garden North Kiosk Locate the Xeriscape Garden:
5401 N Hayden Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 85250

Hidden from the street, this expansive 5.5-acre Xeriscape garden is nestled behind the dog park and baseball fields. Parking is off Hayden, just south of McDonald, next to the dog park. Paths to the garden are located next to the dog park and between the softball fields just behind the restrooms.


Wondering how to find the plants you are interested in? 

The garden has over 7,000 plants and 200 species that are beautiful and water thrifty. Use the Plant Finder (exc/41kb/1p) to help you locate the plants you would like to see.

Activities in the garden:
  • Take a self-guided tour.
  • Read and learn about garden topics such as plant care, plant selection, and our desert habitat.
  • Check out our kids activities! Go on a scavenger hunt.

See the garden through video!  See the garden through the pictures below!

tour (6)

Walking in the Garden

Blanket Flower | Gaillardia pulchella

  What will you see?

 Who might you see?

 What plants can you see?


  • Principles of Water-Wise Landscaping
  • Educational Tools For Kids
  • Invasive plants
  • Plant Picks for Pools
  • Other local demonstration gardens
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