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Downtown Pedestrian Improvements

The Transportation Department is working on addressing concerns in relation to the current pedestrian connections in the Fashion Square surrounding area.  Short and long term options for pedestrian improvements have been identified (see map).

The short term option consists of a midblock crosswalk and additional parking at Highland Avenue and sidewalk improvements along west side of Goldwater Boulevard.

flashing beaconThe Highland Avenue crossing will consist of a rectangular, rapid flashing beacon with pedestrian warning signs.  The beacon is pedestrian activated.  To increase safety, the westbound curb lane will be converted into additional parallel parking spaces. 

- More information on flashing beacons from the Federal Highway Administration

A public meeting was held at Optima on May 16.  Currently public input is being compiled and reviewed regarding conceptual ideas.  If you would like to comment or make suggestions for consideration, email to Public Information Officer Sarah Ferrara.

Longer term improvement options for this area will be addressed at a later date. 

For more information or questions, contact Principal Traffic Engineer Phil Kercher at 480-312-7645.