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Information on transportation planning and studies

Planning Efforts Is there a comprehensive plan for Transportation in Scottsdale? 
The City of Scottsdale Transportation Department has completed a comprehensive study to address all modes of transportation in the city.  Find a copy of the Transportation Master Plan here!
Airplane-Landing What are options for improving circulation around the Airpark?
The Airpark Area Circulation Plan was developed to improve the traffic flow in the Scottsdale Airpark Area as part of the Transportation Master Plan.  Find more information here.
dirt_road What are the plans for areas in the city that were not built through a master planned community or subdivision? 
Local Area Infrastructure Plans are drafted to address the location for water, sewer, streets, trails and emergency access in those areas.
 Design Standards and Policies Manual Looking for the Design Standards and Policies Manual?
This important document helps design professionals prepare plans and
reports necessary for development of projects within the city. The Development Review Board adopted the Design Standards & Policies Manual (DS&PM) in 2010.
road_construction What does the future hold for major city streets?
Use the Transportation Master Plan Functional Street Classification Map to find out.
Plan Drawings Where can I find the major plans guiding Scottsdale's future?
The city uses various types of planning mechanisms to achieve different goals.  Learn more about the 2035 General Plan UpdateCommunity Area Planning and the Transportation Master Plan.
dt ped What improvements are occuring near Fashion Square Mall?
The city is working to improve pedestrian connections in the surrounding area.  Get more information on the improvements here.