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Transportation Education

Paving Who maintains our streets?
Get the facts (pdf/175kb/1p) on how the Streets Operations Department works to keep our streets, alleys and multi-use paths clean and safe every day of the year. It's all in a days work!
 Round About Signage Why is the City of Scottsdale using roundabouts?
The city began using circular intersections as an element of traffic calming projects. Learn more about Roundabouts in Scottsdale here!
HAWK Crosswalk What is a HAWK?
Other than a large bird, a HAWK is a traffic control device also known as a High-intensity Activated crosswalk find more information here!
Speedometer Is there an effort to reduce neighborhood traffic speeds?
The Neighborhood Traffic Management Program (NTMP) is separated into a two-step process: (1) Speed Awareness Program and the (2) NTMP traffic calming phase.
Yellow Arrow Turn Signal Is that Yellow Arrow flashing?
Scottsdale's Transportation Department has installed Flashing Yellow Left Turn Arrows; learn about them here!
Photo Enforcement Is there photo enforcement in Scottsdale?
Yes. Learn more about the Photo Enforcement Program here!