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Capital Improvement Projects

Scottsdale Road Portions of Scottsdale Road are under construction, why?
Scottsdale Road is a “signature” corridor and the Scottsdale Road Streetscape project will establish an identity and visual character along its entire length.  Find more information here!
 Proposition 400 What projects in Scottsdale are resulting from Proposition 400?
Prop 400 has provided some of the funding for freeways, arterial roadways, transit, regional operations and capital investments.  Find information on specific projects here!
 road_construction Is there information on Capital Improvement Projects that are impacting traffic and their status?
Find the CIP-Project Impacting Traffic report here! Information on Capital Improvement Projects by phase and type are located here along with projects in the news and project status reports. 
 Construction sign What roadway and street maintenance projects are happening?
The Roadway and Street Maintenance report has information regarding schedules, maps and even a method for reporting a problem or requesting service. Find more information here!
 LED Streetlight Is it true that Scottsdale will be installing LED streetlights?
Scottsdale will be the first Valley city to install energy-efficient LED streetlight fixtures on a wide scale. Find more information here!