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Lafayette Park

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(480) 941-3427

Landlord / Tenant and Fair Housing Resources  

(480) 312-7647

As a landlord or tenant in Scottsdale, you have rights and obligations you need to follow under the Arizona Residential Landlord/Tenant Act and the Fair Housing Act. The above link goes to "A Guide to the Arizona Residential Landlord/Tenant Act and Fair Housing." It is designed to assist individuals understand their rights and obligations under state law.

Landscaping Rebates

(480) 312-5650

The City of Scottsdale is offering landscape rebates to homeowners and multifamily or commercial properties for the installation of a Xeriscape landscape. Follow the above link to find out more.

Library All Branches

(480) 312-7323

See library website for branch locations and hours


(480) 312-2400

Information on Business Tax, Liquor & Special Events licenses.

Liquor License City Process Overview  

(480) 312-7000

This page outlines a three-step process to ensure you are fully informed/aware of the specific regulations that relate to bars/nightclubs and restaurants in Scottsdale.

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