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Handbills Program

(480) 312-3111

Easy steps a resident can take to legally notify a handbill distributor that no printed material is to be placed on the resident's premises.

Handicapped Parking Permit

(602) 255-0072
TDD (602) 712-3222

All plates and placards are issued by the Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles

Handlebar Helpers


Handlebar Helpers is a community "earn-a-bike program" affiliated with the non-profit organization Concerned Citizens for Community Health.

Hazardous Waste

Recorded Info:
(480) 312-5602

Solid Waste Division Main Line:
(480) 312-5600

Learn how you can properly dispose of hazardous waste.

Health Department Maricopa County

(602) 506-6900

Historic Preservation

(480) 312-2523

The city's Historic Preservation Program works to increase public awareness of Scottsdale's heritage; identify historic and cultural resources; designate and recognize significant local resources; and assist in protecting, preserving and enhancing the buildings and structures that best represent Scottsdale's past.

Historical Society Museum

(480) 945-4499

Holidays City Office Holiday Schedule

(480) 312-3111

Home Improvement Center

(480) 312-7800

Tools and resources for additions, remodels, repairs and upgrades.

Horizon Park 15444 N. 100th Street

(480) 312-2650

Horse Trails

(480) 312-7722

Hospital/Medical Scottsdale Healthcare - Osborn

(480) 882-4000

  Scottsdale Healthcare - Shea

 (480) 323-3000

  Scottsdale Healthcare - Thompson Peak

 (480) 324-7400

  Mayo Clinic

(480) 301-8000

Hot Water Recirculation System Rebate

(480) 312-5650

The City of Scottsdale Water Conservation Office offers a Hot Water Recirculation System rebate to water customers who install this water conservation device in their home.

Household Hazardous Waste Collection City

(480) 312-5600

Housing Agency/Section 8

(480) 312-7647

The Community Assistance Office provides rental assistance in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the private rental community.   

Housing Rehabilitation and Emergency Repairs

(480) 312-7647

The link above goes to a web page with information on a variety of housing programs.   

Human Resources

(480) 312-2491

Find out about current job opportunities, submit a job interest card or learn more about various positions. You can also try the Job Information Line at (480) 312-2395.

Human Services

(480) 312-2646

Human Services provides an integrated system of services, resources, and opportunities to help people improve their lives, the lives of others, neighborhoods, and the total community.

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