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(480) 312-3111

G.A.I.N. or Getting Arizona Involved in Neighborhoods is an annual event designed to unite neighbors and communities to help create safer neighborhoods.

Garbage / Refuse

(480) 312-5600

Solid Waste Management provides schedules and tips for refuse and recycling collection, brush, bulk waste, appliance pick-up, household hazardous waste and commercial collection.

Gas - Southwest Gas Southwest Gas Corp.

(602) 861-1999

General City Information

(480) 312-3111

GIS Maps

(480) 312-2744

The Digital Map Center provides on-line access to Scottsdale Geographic Information System maps and databases, such as: land use, zoning, sewer and utility easments, flood zones and aerial photos.


The City of Scottsdale does not operate any golf courses. However, a list of golf courses is provided on the Convention & Visitor's Bureau website. Visit http://www.scottsdalecvb.com for golf course listings

Graffiti Removal

(480) 312-7032

The Code Enforcement unit removes graffiti on public property and works with private organizations to keep Scottsdale beautiful. Report graffiti anonymously using online form or calling hotline number.

Granite Reef Senior Center 1700 North Granite Reef Road

(480) 312-1700

Grayhawk Park

(480) 312-2771

Green Building Program

(480) 312-4202

The Green Building Program encourages a whole-systems approach through design and building techniques to minimize environmental
impact and reduce the energy consumption of buildings while contributing to the health of its occupants.

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