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Barking Dogs

(480) 312-5000

Contact Scottsdale Police for assistance.

Bed Bugs Maricopa County

(602) 506-6616


Bee Removal

(480) 312-2722

On city property (parks, rights-of-way, etc.) call this number.

On private property - see 'Bee Removal' in Yellow pages

Beer Permit

(480) 312-7707

To obtain a beer permit for city parks, please call the facility booking office.


(480) 312-5750

Search tool to find land survey information for city locations.

Better Business Bureau

(602) 264-1721

Bicycle Path Information

(480) 312-7630 

Scottsdale is home to a nationally-recognized bicycle transportation network.

Bicycle Registration

(480) 312-3134

This program was designed to aid in the recovery of lost or stolen bicycles.

Birth Certificates

(602) 506-6805

Are available through the Maricopa County Office of Vital Registration.

Block Parties

(480) 312-3111

Block Watch

(480) 312-3111

This is now referred to as Neighborhood Watch.

Boards Commissions & Committees

(480) 312-2412

Contact the City Clerk's Office or visit the page above for information about the city's citizen boards, commissions, committees and task forces.

Boating in Scottsdale is permitted at Vista Lake and Chaparral Lake. Boating refers to canoes, row boats (including kayaks), boats with electric motors and sailboats; no inflatable rafts or gas-powered boats.

Bouncer Permit

(480) 312-7707

To obtain a permit to use inflatable 'bouncers' at city parks, please call the facility booking office.

Brush Removal Recorded Info:
(480) 312-5680

General Info:
(480) 312-5600

The city provides monthly brush and bulk item collection to residents who pay for residential collection services.


(480) 312-2435

Scottsdale's budget is published annually and provided online by the Finance Dept.

Bus Service (Scottsdale)

(480) 312-7696

Transit information specific to Scottsdale is provided at the number and website above.

Bus Service (Valleywide)

(602) 253-5000

Regional transit services are provided in partnership with Valley Metro.

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