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Honor Guard Challenge Coin

The Citizen Police Academy Alumni of Scottsdale (CiPAAS) and the Scottsdale Police Honor Guard Presents:

The Scottsdale Police Honor Guard Challenge Coin

Honor Guard Coin - FtHonor Guard Coin - Bk

                                             [Actual size:  1 3/4 inch]

The Citizens Police Academy Alumni (CiPAAS) has joined with the Scottsdale Police Honor Guard in presenting the Honor Guard Challenge Coin.  The coin commemorates the unique and solemn responsibility that falls to the Honor Guard to represent the Police Department during times of celebration and mourning.  The coins are $15.00 each with the proceeds used to send the Honor Guard members to Washington, DC to represent the City of Scottsdale during National Police Week.

To order an Honor Guard Challenge Coin, please contact:

Officer Tom Cleary
Phone:  480-312-5516
Email:  tcleary@scottsdaleaz.gov

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