Unusual Event

Event date: Monday, January 14, 2013, from 9:35 AM to 9:35 AM

Date: 01/13/12
Time: 1:00 pm
Report #: 13-00924
Location: Brown Avenue and 1st Street
Victim Info: 4 Female Passengers (2 Teenagers, one 21 year old, one 62 year old)
Suspect Data:

At 1:00 pm on 01/13/13 a horse drawn carriage operating in the Old Town area was headed eastbound at 1st Street and Brown when an apparent mechanical problem caused the carriage to strike a fixed sign on the corner. When this occurred the carriage flipped onto its side. The carriage was occupied by the male driver and his four female passengers (originally reported as three). The driver was uninjured and three passengers were transported to SHC Osborn with non life threatening injuries.

The intersection was closed for about an hour.

No citations will be issued.

Carriage Flip