Traffic collision

Event date: Monday, June 17, 2013, from 9:07 AM to 9:07 AM

Date: 06/16/2013
Time: 9:35 pm
Report #: 1313916
Location: 9385 E. Laurel Lane
Victim Info:
Vehicle #2: 2011 Lexus sedan driven by 75 yr old California resident.

Occupant/resident of 9385 E. Laurel Lane, 78 yr old male.
Suspect Data:
Bradley Faupel 01/23/1986 (Scottsdale resident)


Vehicle#1: 2004 Ford pickup truck.
Details: The listed suspect was driving north on 94th Street approaching Cactus Rd. when he crossed the median, struck a southbound vehicle. Post collision, he drove through a block wall into a private residence's rear yard. The vehicle came to rest up against the house causing minor damage including window breakage. The resident and his wife were in the house and heard the collision and crash into their house. They called 911 and police responded to find Faupel in the back yard, laying on the grass about 25 feet from the truck. Officers found the driver under the influence of alcohol. He has injuries that were not requiring hospitalization. The driver of vehicle #2 sustained minor injuries. The residents did not sustain injuries.

The suspect was booked into Scottsdale city jail and is being charged with DUI, Aggravated DUI and related offenses.