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Suspect in Martini Ranch Murder Arrested

Event date: Thursday, February 07, 2013, from 8:11 AM to 8:11 AM

 macdonald_ian  SAMANTHA_KING

 IAN MACDONALD 8/25/1986

 SAMANTHA B. KING, 5/27/90

On Wednesday February 6th at 1845 hours IAN MACDONALD was arrested at the Scottsdale Police Department, 7601 East McKellips Road after an investigation revealed that MACDONALD stabbed the Victim multiple times in the Parking Lot of 7295 East Stetson in Scottsdale Arizona on January 27th 2013. He was arrested for 2nd degree murder.

Also arrested, was his girlfriend, Samantha King, for assault and hindering prosecution.

As this investigation has progressed, through interviews with club employees and witnesses, detectives have been able to uncover what happened the early morning of January 27. Club personnel stated they removed a female and male from the club through the west gate. Video surveillance confirmed their statement. They observed another disturbance in the parking lot at which time they left the male and female unattended. A bouncer observed the male that had just been escorted out of the Club on the ground with Tyrice Thompson. He further observed the female (KING) pulling the hair of Thompson and did not observe anyone else around those three subjects. He removed the female from Thompson's back and at which time the female went limp and he placed her on the ground. He next observed Thompson staggering northbound through the parking lot and eventually collapse on the sidewalk. Other bouncers observed a large fight in the west parking lot. Club personnel did not observe anyone else around MACDONALD, KING and THOMPSON. Club employees contacted Thompson immediately after staggering away from MACDONALD and observed he had been stabbed numerous times on his left side.

On Tuesday January 29, SAMANTHA KING completed a voluntary interview with detectives. At this time she stated her boyfriend, MACDONALD, was the only person fighting with the victim bouncer and she admitted to pulling the victim's dreadlock hair while he was on top of MACDONALD. She also admitted to jumping on the victim's back and hitting the him on the right side of his face. She denied any knowledge of MACDONALD stabbing the victim and denied her involvement in stabbing the victim. She also stated that she never told  MACDONALD that she had been stabbed even though MACDONALD reported on the 911 call that she had been stabbed.

On January 30, MACDONALD was read his Miranda Warnings and interviewed for his involvement in this investigation. MACDONALD admitted to being at Martini Ranch on January 27th and being escorted out of the club by bouncers. MACDONALD further admitted he was pushed into the parking lot and held down on the ground by Thompson.
 MACDONALD claimed no punches were exchanged between the two of them. MACDONALD denied stabbing the victim.

Interviews with acquaintences of MACDONALD who were with him the night of the stabbing, revealed to detectives that MACDONALD had admitted to them that he stabbed Thompson and he asked for their help in disposing of the knife. We believe that the knife was disposed of in a dumpster in Mesa sometime after the stabbing. It has not been located at this time.

MACDONALD was held in custody and transported to MCSO jail for arraignment. SAMANTHA KING was booked and released.

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