Sexual Assault

Event date: Thursday, May 15, 2014, from 11:23 AM to 11:23 AM

Date: 05/13/14
Time: 4:00 am
Report #: 14-10729
Location: 4140 N. 78th Street - Corrected from 4141 N. 78th Street
Victim Info: 19 year old female
Suspect Data: Martell Clark, 11/03/92
Clark Photo

Renon Lorenzo, 03/22/93
Lorenzo Photo

Jaborie Rucks, 07/12/93
Rucks Photo

On 05/13/14 SPD detectives arrested three suspects in reference to a sexual assault.

Late on 05/12/14 the victim was at the apartment of the three suspects at 4141 N. 78th Street, as prior to this incident they were all friends, and had been drinking with them. After midnight the victim felt that she had been too intoxicated to leave so decided to go to sleep in one of the rooms at the apartment. Prior to 3:30 am one of the suspects entered the room and began to engage in sex with the victim against her will. While this was taking place the other two suspects entered the room and also began to commit sex acts against the victim.

The victim left the apartment on her own and called a family member who took her to the hospital where we were called.

The suspects were identified, questioned, and made statements implicating their involvement in the situation. All three were arrested on counts of Sexual Assault.