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SUSPECTS ARRESTED Bomb Threats at Scottsdale High Schools

Event date: Tuesday, November 05, 2013, from 4:38 PM to 4:38 PM


Date: 11/5/2013
Time: 11:45 AM
Report #:


Location: 6935 E. Golddust (Chaparral HS)
12575 E Vía Linda (Desert Mountain HS)
Victim Info: SUSD
Suspect Data:
Verdin, Daniel Alberto. 4/21/1988 (Ca. resident)

Jimenez, Davyd G. 3/22/1971 (Ca. resident)

Ortiz, Sanches Moises. 5/29/1988 (Ca. resident)
Details: SPD detectives following up on this crime located the 3 suspects listed above, who were subsequently arrested for making the bomb threats to both schools.

Telephone records and other investigative tools lead detectives to a coin store at 7569 E. Main Street, Scottsdale. While police were in this area, they identified the three suspects outside the store. A subsequent search of their vehicle turned up evidence of the bomb threat including packaging from the pre-paid phone used to call in the threats, and a handgun.

Police have determined that the three suspects have no link to the schools or the city of Scottsdale. There is no evidence that they actually were ever near the two schools in question. The three California residents came into town for the purpose of committing the crimes. It is believed that the suspects called in the bomb threats to lure police away from the downtown area so the suspects could commit a robbery at the coin shop.

All suspects were taken into custody and are being held in custody. They are facing various felony charges of Disruption of a School, Conspiracy, and False Reporting.


At 11:45 am, the SPD 911 call center received a call from a male who reported that there was a bomb on each of the two high school campuses. The assigned SRO's at each campus began a cursory search of the campus looking for any suspicious persons or objects. Additional patrol officers responded to each campus to assist with security and search. A staff member at DMHS found an unattended backpack in a bathroom on campus. The school started procedural lockdown as a precaution. A Scottsdale PD K9 unit was used to determine that the backpack posed no threat. After about 20 minutes the lockdown was lifted.

While police were on each campus, the office received additional telephone threats similar to what the 911 call center received. Classes resumed as police remained on campus for the remainder of the school day.

SPD detectives are continuing to work on identifying the suspect(s) of the bomb threats. The 911 call will not be released at this point.