Event date: Monday, June 23, 2014, from 10:20 AM to 10:20 AM

Date: 06/20/14
Time: 7:00 pm
Report #: 14-13544
Location: Fashion Square Mall Parking Lot
Victim Info: 39 year old female
Suspect Data: S1/17 year old B/M
S2/Dwight McClung, 20 years old
McClung Photo

On 06/20/14 just before 7:00 pm the 17 year old suspect stole the victim’s purse from her, causing a minor injury which did not need medical attention. The robbery took place in front of Fashion Square Mall.

Witnesses followed the suspect and directed officers to him where he was arrested a short distance away from where the robbery took place.

The suspect was taken into custody without incident and during the investigation it was learned that he was involved in a similar situation in Tempe earlier.  Information led to an associate, Dwight McClung, who was found in a nearby business complex. He too was arrested in connection with this case.

Both suspects were booked and are facing Robbery and related charges.