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Officer Involved Shooting

Event date: Thursday, March 28, 2013, from 7:49 AM to 7:49 AM

Date: 03/27/2013
Time: 5:50 PM
Report #: 1307170
Location: 8700 blk of E. Angus Drive
Officer Info: Officer Nathan Mullins, a 7-year police officer.
Suspect Data: Preston Phillips Jr., 72 year-old Scottsdale resident.
Details: There was an officer involved shooting in Scottsdale at about 5:45 PM today. The officer is uninjured and the suspect is deceased from gunshot wounds. Here are the details we have so far.

  At about 5:45 PM, SPD received a call from a resident in the 8700 block of E. Angus Drive. She reported that she was having a dispute with a neighbor, which resulted in a verbal altercation just before calling us. She said that her neighbor had parked his car illegally and it was a continuous problem.

  The first officer arrived a few minutes later spoke briefly to the neighbor who called us. After that, he walked across the street, observing a pickup truck illegally parked on the sidewalk. He issued the truck a parking citation. Then, a white Ford SUV pulled up next to the officer and the illegally parked truck. Officer Mullins approached the driver's side of the SUV which had the window down. When he was a few feet from the truck, he saw the man pull out a pistol, remove it from it's holster and display it in a threatening manner. The officer stepped backwards and fired multiple rounds into the SUV, striking the suspect. As more officers arrived, they were able to approach the truck and found the driver deceased from gunshot wounds. They found a handgun on the suspect's lap. It does not appear at this time as though the suspect fired his weapon. Officer Mullins has been placed on leave as per our policy on officer-involved shootings.