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New Photo Enforcement Tool

Event date: Friday, June 21, 2013, from 11:13 AM to 11:13 AM


Contact: Officer David Pubins – 480-312-1911 – PIO@ScottsdaleAz.Gov

New photo enforcement tool to be used in school zones

June 21, 2013

Scottsdale is launching a new photo enforcement tool known as PORTABLE SCHOOL TOWERS, designed to increase safety around school zones.

Our plan is to rotate the two phone-booth sized mobile devices between Scottsdale’s 31 school sites beginning next month. The Department began testing the devices earlier this month on a section of Miller Road near the Eldorado Aquatics Center and the Barker Boys and Girls Clubs branch.

From June 4-6, the devices recorded 130 violations at that location, though no citations were issued during the test phase. The mobile units will begin issuing citations after July 21.

The two small mobile devices will complement two mobile speed vans currently deployed to monitor traffic speeds along with nine fixed devices located throughout the city. Because of their larger size, the vans are not usable in about half of the city’s school zones.

“This is the result of our commitment to work with our corporate partners to deploy the best tools available which helps keep the streets safer,” said Police Chief Alan Rodbell.

When school is not in session, the mobile units will be placed near other high-traffic areas for pedestrians such as parks, pools, shopping areas and sports fields.

Our department has found that photo enforcement helps reduce serious traffic collisions. During the first decade of photo enforcement use in Scottsdale, the city’s population increased by 33 percent while collisions decreased by 24 percent.

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